Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Australian Christian leaders in Palestine

In December 2007 an official delegation of Australian Christian leaders will visit Israel and Palestine. The purpose of the delegation’s visit is to meet with and express friendship and prayerful support for its Christian counterparts in Palestine and Israel. During the visit the delegation will also meet with Jewish and Muslim faith leaders, and representatives of the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority.

Through these contacts the delegation aims to help Australian Christians grow in their understanding of the contemporary situation in Palestine and Israel.

The delegation has discussed the purpose and plans for the visit with the Embassy of Israel in Australia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, who have raised no objections to this activity. The visit has been organised by the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre.

Members of the delegation are:

  • Archbishop Phillip Aspinall (Primate, Anglican Church of Australia)
  • Rev Rod Benson (Ethicist, Baptist Union of Australia)
  • Dr Kevin Bray (National Treasurer, Churches of Christ)
  • Archbishop Francis Carroll (Immediate Past President, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference)
  • Rev Terence Corkin (General Secretary, Uniting Church in Australia)
  • Lyndsay Farrell (Presiding Clerk, Australian Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends)
  • Rev John Henderson (General Secretary, National Council of Churches in Australia)
  • Rev Gregor Henderson (President, Uniting Church in Australia)
  • Rev Merrill Kitchen (Principal, Churches of Christ Theological College)

This blog will publish experiences and reflections from Rod Benson during and after the visit. Bookmark it now!